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Summon Angels in the SMT Liberation Dx2 and Evangelion Collab Event.

The Shin Megami Tensei mobile RPG SMT Liberation Dx2 will get a crossover event with the Evangelion franchise that will allow players to summon two angels and the EVA Unit-01 as demons. The event is called “Demons of the Imaginary” and will run July 13-26, 2023. Players will have until August 3, 2023 to redeem their earned currencies in the event shop.

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The event will consist of two halves, with the second unlocking on July 19, 2023. As players complete event quests, they will earn Decayed Feathers and unlock further Bonus and Challenge quests. Rewards can be exchanged for Decayed Feathers at the event shop, with more being awarded for accumulating enough feathers or reaching high enough rankings. Rewards include skill genomes, transcend stones for the event characters and summon files to be used in the game’s gacha.

The new characters include the five-star Unit-01: Dx2 type, which is a Deity unit focused on dealing Dark type damage. Successfully landing Unit-01’s unique skill Demonic Sword,increases the entire party’s ATK, DEF and EV/AC by 20% for a turn. The other characters are the 6th and 10th Angels, which are both Divine type units. The 6th Angel is able to do more Light damage when it has a bulwark and can grant party members the ability to reflect a single magic attack. The 10th Angel meanwhile can deal damage based on its own max HP and ignore death prevention skills. These characters cannot be obtained through fusion, karma summoning or Talking and are unable to be used as fusion material.

You can check out the event trailer below:

The game has previously held collabs with Sonic the Hedgehog and Berserk, allowing players to summon characters like Mozguz, Skull Knight and Sonic himself as demons.

SMT Liberation Dx2 is immediately available on mobile devices, with the Evangelion collaboration event arriving July 13, 2023.

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