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Summon Night 5 Gets Its First English Gameplay Trailer



Gaijinworks is publishing Summon Night 5 as the first localized game of the main series in North America this fall. Here’s a look at its first English gameplay trailer.


Gaijinworks have provided a few details on the game:


Summon Night 5 is a strategy-RPG with an extensive story and both event battles and side missions for a total of 70 battles if you want to see everything. It also has multiple endings and a fishing minigame. Players who just enjoy the story of RPGs but are bad at the battles will enjoy the available Easy mode which will let them get through the game concentrating on the story. All others can enjoy the challenge of Normal mode.


Summon Night 5 will release in North America this fall. It is also getting a physical release which comes with a code to download the game from PSN so Vita players can play it, too.