Felistella, the developer behind Record of Agarest War: Marriage, is working on Summon Night 5. While the game is technically handled by a different company, many staff members who worked on other Summon Night titles are creating Summon Night 5.


Kouhaku Kuroboshi is handling character designs and made two leads for Summon Night 5. You can play as either Force is the male protagonist with a gun arm that shoots energy hands or Alca who uses a polearm.


sum5  sum5b


Summon Night 5 will be a strategy RPG just like other core games in the series. To prepare players for Summon Night 5, Namco Bandai is porting PS2 games Summon Night 3 and Summon Night 4 to the PSP. First print copies of Summon Night 3 and 4 includes a code to get a Summon Night 3 costume for the main characters in Summon Night 5.

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