Sumoman Is Clumsy, Luckily He Can Rewind Time



Considering how clumsy Sumoman is, he’s probably not the best person to fight against an evil sorcerer who has put his village under the command of a sleeping spell. But he has no choice.


Yep, Sumoman is the only person who can resist the spell of the sorcerer. So it’s up to him to save the village and the Daughter of the Daimyo in the upcoming PC, iOS, and Android game named after him.


As a strong sumo wrestler, Sumoman is able to slap his thighs and charge through barriers and move crates around. You’ll be doing this a lot to solve puzzles in Sumoman as you travel across stony islands, dark mountain caves, mysterious haunted mansions, and the deserted flotilla of merchant ships.


You’ll use gongs to save your progress, and when the physics-based contraptions don’t play nicely, you can use Sumoman’s time reversing ability to try again. What? You didn’t know sumo wrestlers could reverse time?


Sumoman also has a two-play split-screen mode in which you can play Race or King of the Hill – you’ll need to push each other off the hill using your sumo wrestling skills.


Sumoman was picked as on of the eight finalists at IGF China 2014. You can find out more about it on its website. You can also vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman