Sundae Funday: 80s Anime Revival



No weird or creepy ice-creams this week. You’ll have to settle for a regular brownie sundae. I’m not sure Dracula ice-cream was good for anyone’s taste buds anyway…


Time for the weekly three-piece news recap! One of them’s a Voltron game being published by THQ. I thought it was kind of neat that we’re getting both Voltron and Saber Rider games now. It’s nice to see games giving these old and forgotten series a second chance. Well, provided they’re good games.



From Uncharted Regions Of The Universe Comes Voltron: The PSN And XBLA Game

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is based on the 1980s anime series where five pilots from the planet Arus battle King Zarkon and the never ending Robeasts created by Haggar.


How Shinobi’s Parry Button Controls The Game’s Flow

Shinobi’s new parry button affects both the game’s combat and its platforming. Game producer, Stephen Frost, tells us how.


We’re Curious What Square Enix Is Doing With Monster x Dragon

Square Enix have filed a trademark for what sounds like a new property or a spin-off series: Monster x Dragon. While the obvious Monster Hunter-meets-Dragon Quest scenario comes to mind, it’s never that simple. After all, when they trademarked Theatrhythm, I joked to Spencer it would be an iPhone otome game…


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