Picking out the top story for this week’s Sundae Funday wasn’t hard at all — somehow, I doubt anyone missed the Xenoblade stories.


Thus, our Rune Factory Oceans interviews took top priority this week. We actually had a bit of a flood of Harvest Moon news during the week in general.


On to your three scoops of news!




A Rune Factory Oceans Interview With Producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto

Yoshifumi Hashimoto is the producer of both the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games, and also the producer of other Marvelous-published games like Muramasa: The Demon Blade.


We recently had a chance to talk to Hashimoto-san on two subjects: Rune Factory Oceans for the Wii and PlayStation 3, and where he hopes to take the Rune Factory series in the future as well. They’re both interesting in their own way.



The State Of Ignition Entertainment

At GDC, we spoke to Ignition Entertainment about a lot of different things. While we eventually got into discussing Deadly Premonition, Nintendo 3DS titles and future Ignition licenses, we started out by talking about the state of the company itself.



Turn Your Day Into Frog Minutes With Grasshopper’s New iPhone Game

Grasshopper Manufacturer have developed an iPhone game: Frog Minutes, which is frog-collecting game with its very own Frogdex.



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