Sundae Funday: Three Scoops Of News You May Have Missed

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Welcome to Sundae Funday, our new weekly “let’s reflect on the past week” Sunday column that recaps three scoops of news from the past week that you might have missed!


These post are also for people to talk about whatever they’d like, regarding the most recent happenings, in the comments. A lot of the time, our community seems like people want to interact with each other more, and these posts should be a good start.



Cave Story Creator Reflects On Developing The Indie Classic

When NIS America recently announced that they were publishing a Cave Story remake by Nicalis for the 3DS, we had a chance to speak to the game’s original creator, Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, who shared his thoughts on what he would do differently, if he were to make now as opposed to ten years ago.


Exploring Choice In Deus Ex: Human Revolution By Playing The Demo Twice

Spencer recently went hands-on with Deus Ex: Human Revolution at a recent Square Enix event, and got a really good look at how the game handles choice and consequence. In case you missed out, this was our meatiest bite out of Deus Ex yet.


This Interview With Acquire Gives Us A Tour Of Akiba’s Trip

Akiba’s Trip is the kind of quirky game setting you don’t see very often at all, so when Acquire invited us to talk to them about it, we were glad to have the opportunity to learn more about the thinking behind the game’s design.



Food for thought:


We could get into explaining why or how we came up with this column, but this conversation log sums it up rather nicely:


Spencer: You know, we should have a weekend roundup. Like, the best stories you didn’t read…and pick three of them or something.

Spencer: Actually, that can help for weekend content. Yes! Let’s do that.

Ishaan: Hmm, OK. Maybe we can run that on Saturdays. Gives people a post to talk about random stuff in, too.

Spencer: We need a snappy title though. Weekend Reads?

Spencer: Sunday Fundays? But its on Saturday…

Ishaan: ……..

Ishaan: Sunday Funday sounds like an ice-cream…

Ishaan: We…could do that. Have a picture of a sundae.

Ishaan: Maybe people will eat sundaes while reading the post.

Spencer: Wait, I like where this is going… we can give people three "scoops," get it?!

Ishaan: Oh man. ><

Spencer: Yes. I love this. And we can make ice-cream style pictures. Like take a screenshot and use an ice-cream outline.

Spencer: This is good, Ishaan. I’m liking this more and more.

Ishaan: This is the most ridiculous idea we’ve had…

Spencer: But this is a great idea!

Ishaan: Yeah, I like it. It’s so…bizarre.

Spencer: Bizarre is good.

Ishaan: OK, so we can start Sunday mornings off with Sundae Funday.

Ishaan: we should totally put this conversation in the first post, too.

Spencer: Awesome. I love this. Thumbs up!


This week’s sundae is from Nain Food! And now we’re hungry…

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