Sekai Project has put Love in Space’s follow-up to its visual novel Sunrider up on Steam Greenlight. Yep, it’s called Sunrider Academy, and it has a playable demo you can download right now.


This time, it seems that the space mechs have been dropped in favor of the school classroom. You’re Kayto Shields, whose first day as vice president of Sunrider Academy student council sees him also appointed the school club manager.


Shields has to fix these clubs of their many troubles by the end of the school year. This involves interacting with the girls that lead each of these clubs and that have serious issues that need sorting out.


Shields also has a bet with his sister that he’ll have a girlfriend by the end of the school year. And so it starts, with you playing as Shields trying to manage school life, sort the clubs out, and get a girlfriend all before the year is out.


Sunrider Academy is up on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman

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