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Super Bomberman R Is Being Made By Former Bomberman Staff [UPDATE: Impressions]



I spoke with a Konami rep, who funny enough provided some of the hardest behind the scenes details of any of the games played. As for when led to its development, was told that both Nintendo and Konami came together to help make it happen in the first place, and the team responsible is comprised of Konami’s internal team, which is comprised of former Hudson folk who worked on past Bomberman games, and Hexadrive (Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and The 3rd Birthday).


Super Bomberman R wasn’t graphically impressive, and someone who wanted to be negative might have a decent amount to work with. I had no issue with the aesthetics themselves. Simply put this game is Bomberman as you would expect it to be with an oddly skewed perspective that has an arbitrary camera angle. In one of the stages, there’s a portion that is raised, which I guess is why the action is shown from an angle, though I still don’t get why it’s not a more common 90 degree angle. This stage was neat, and I don’t think that’s present in any of the 8 or 16-bit era Bombermans.


There is a considerable amount of production being sunk in into Super Bomberman R. There were two lengthy animated sequences, requiring two separate instances of me having to hit the skip cinematic option, one after another. The pace of the game seemed kind of slow. I engaged in co-op mode where me and one other player shared the same pool of lives. Then there was also an 8 player versus, which was also a bit slow paced. Loading was super slow, but I was told that it’ll be gone in the final version.


No price was given, but it will be revealed next week. The game will come out both physically and digitally, and size of the download will be 4GB. Given the less than complex nature of the game might make wonder how big something like Zelda will be, though it’s also import noting how Super Bomberman R has extensive voice acting (or so it was advertised; I could not hear anything at the event), so that might be a contributor towards the final download size.

Matt Hawkins