Super Bomberman R Online Comes to Google Stadia with 64-Man Battle Royale Mode

Super Bomberman R Online

The latest Google Stadia Connect has been released on Youtube, and one of the July 14, 2020 announcements included the return of Konami’s Bomberman series. Super Bomberman R Online is a more multiplayer-focused spin on the recent Nintendo Switch revival that adds in a 64-player battle royale mode and more customization options.

Check out the trailer below:

Having more than four players is nothing new to the Bomberman series. (It was taken to the logical extreme with 100 Person Battle Bomberman on smartphones). This new Battle 64 mode has 64 players duke it out in groups of four, with winning members moving on to other battles on neighboring screens in a setup that looks similar to Tetris 99. Whoever wins will be crowned Bomber One.

The game will also have more options to play with others. For example, by using the Crowd Play option, players can immediately join in on streamers’ games.

While this installment carries the Super Bomberman R moniker, it’s currently unknown whether the game will include the single-player mode that released with past versions.

Finally, the game will offers customization options not only for your Bomber character, but also your bombs themselves. By customizing the look of the bombs, it will also change the look of its effects when it explodes.

Super Bomberman R Online will release for Google Stadia in Fall 2020. Super Bomberman R is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Alistair Wong
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