Mankind is about the be destroyed, it’s part of the circle of life established by Rudra. The event happens every 4,000 years and only 15 days are left before all of life is extinguished in Treasure of Rudra.



While this game may look like a Final Fantasy title, Treasure of Rudra uses a magic system where you string together words to create spells. It’s sort of like the system Nippon Ichi used for their Bikkuriman game, but predates the 3DS game by over 15 years.


In June, Square Enix will re-release Treasure of Rudra as a Virtual Console download in Japan. Other titles scheduled for the month include:

Super Adventure Island (Super Famicom)

Joy Joy Kid (NeoGeo)

Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle (NeoGeo)

Puyo Puyo Tsuu (Arcade)

Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Arcade)

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