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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Physical Pre-orders Selling Out

super mario 3d-all stars physical

When Nintendo announced Super Mario 3D All-Stars, it noted physical copies would be limited and digital ones would only be available until the end of March. Now it seems we’re starting to see a side effect of that. A few days ahead of launch, most retailers are completely sold out of their allotment of Super Mario 3D All-Stars physical copies.

Amazon, GameStop, Target, and Walmart all show the game as completely sold out. In-stock alert options are available for Amazon, Target, and Walmart, though, and GameStop is still selling digital codes.

However, Best Buy may still be an option. It is listing the game as unavailable for shipping for most zip codes and says “All of our pre-orders have been claimed, but we’ll email you when yours is ready for shipping or pickup” if you head to the cart. However, people who go with the pickup at store option may find they could still pre-order and get a physical copy on launch day that way.

In other Super Mario 3D All-Stars updates, a new overview trailer is here. This video spends time looking at Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. At the two minute mark, the various upgrades and Music Player mode are mentioned.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars will come to the Nintendo Switch on September 18, 2020. While finding a Super Mario 3D All-Stars physical copy might prove a bit difficult at launch, as a result of the demand for copies and people knowing this is a limited run, digital copies will be available until March 2021.

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