Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition Turns Mario 64 Into A Fever Dream



Modder Kaze Emanuar has created Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition. It’s a mod that certainly lives up to its name.


It’s just like playing the original Super Mario 64, except that Emanuar’s mod randomly patches in Gameshark codes that throw the game into the realm of a frantic fever dream.


As you can see Vinny from “Vinesauce” experiencing in the video above, textures will swap out into shades of digital puke colors, Mario runs fast and leaps 10 times further than usual, Lakitu is found dead, all the level’s objects from trees and rocks to bridges are sucked towards Mario. And, at one point, Mario even turns into a wooden sign.


That’s one way of spicing up an older game: turn it into a mostly unplayable but always highly surprising, chaotic version of itself.


You can download Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition here but you’ll need an emulated version of Super Mario 64 running on your PC in order to give it a whirl. You can find emulators if you look in the right places on the internet.

Chris Priestman