Super Mario Bros Animated Movie Posters and Art Revealed

Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie

New images emerged from the Super Mario Bros animated movie, illustrating some locations from both the Mushroom Kingdom and what looks to be the “real world” setting. Similarly, art of the posters for the Super Mario movie leaked ahead of a planned Nintendo Direct promotion. The broadcast is scheduled for 2pm PT/5pm ET/11pm CET on November 29, 2022. [Thanks, Figment_Jedi!]

The officially-released art was revealed by the Super Mario Bros animated movie account and shows off an interior shot of what looks to be Princess Peach’s throne room.

Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie

The throne room features a massive stained glass window depicting Peach in profile. Below the dais are portraits showing scenes from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Ahead of the reveal, images for Super Mario character movie posters and other promotional art leaked, and were posted to social media.

The posters include one featuring Bowser and the Koopas, as well as Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Toad. One particular poster is intriguing, as it shows the Mario Brothers on Earth, posing with their plumbing business, Super Mario Bros. Plumbing. One poster even shows a map situating the brothers’ service area in and around Brooklyn Heights, a real-world neighborhood in New York City. In the background, fans spotted a character that looks very similar to Pauline, heroine of Donkey Kong and mayor of New Donk City in Super Mario Odyssey.

Check them out in the gallery.

The Super Mario Bros Animated Movie premieres on April 7, 2023.

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