Super Mario Bros. G-Shock Watch Is Covered in Mario Sprites

Mario Bros. G-Shock

A new Casio G-Shock watch themed after the original Super Mario Bros. game is set to release in Japan. The Super Mario Bros. G-Shock DW-5600SMB will cost about 17,600 Yen (about $120 USD) and is part of a limited series that debuts in November 2022. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The Super Mario Bros G-Shock watch specifically evokes the original game from the NES and Famicom era. Its strap is decorated with Mario’s in-game sprite. The face also features with the Super Mario Bros. game title in Famicom-original screen font, and a Koopa Trooper shell in the centerpiece. The housing and buckle are also done in bright red, to further evoke the bright colors of the era. The backlit watch display also displays Mario’s sprite and a 1 Up when lit. The sprite is also engraved on the backplate of the watch. The watch also comes in a special package that evokes the now iconic stage 1-1 from the game on both the box and the metal canister.

Casio’s choice of model Super Mario Bros. G-Shock harkens back to the early 1980s. In that era both the game Casio’s first line of G-Shock watches, the DW-5000 series were introduced. They’ve also kept the square design for more than 30 years.

Casio has a history of producing crossover G-Shock watches. Earlier in 2022 Hobonichi revealed a G-Shock watch (a model GW-M5610U) themed after the Mother series. Pricier crossover watches also evoke characters from Fate/Grand Order and other franchises, like Seiko’s Jeanne d’Arc Alter wristwatch.

The Super Mario Bros. G-Shock watch goes on sale on November 11, 2022. The original Super Mario Bros. game is accessible on the NES, Super Famicom, and via the Nintendo Switch Online service.

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