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Super Mario Bros. In Development For Nintendo 3DS


You might think this is a bit of an obvious piece of news, but the key point here is that it isn’t just any Mario game — Miyamoto specifically names Super Mario Bros. as a game that’s in development for the Nintendo 3DS.


The news comes via the latest and final edition of the Iwata Asks series of interviews celebrating Mario’s 25th anniversary. For this final chapter, Iwata speaks with the original Super Mario Bros. design team that’s still working on the series today.


At the end of the session, Iwata comments that Miyamoto has a habit of adopting the latest technology for Mario games. Miyamoto responds by agreeing and says that in the continued interest of this habit, he’s now developing Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS. Here’s the relevant conversation:


Miyamoto: Yes. So, in the interests of adopting new technology for the Super Mario Bros. tradition, I am now making a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo 3DS system.

Iwata: The next stage for the Super Mario Bros. Preservation Society’s activities is the Nintendo 3DS.

Miyamoto: Yes. (laughs) I want to show everyone as soon as possible what the new Super Mario Bros. will be like on the Nintendo 3DS.


Given the success of both New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but the system’s 3D effect should make for some interesting design, given than Miyamoto has repeatedly stated that stereoscopic 3D visuals help in gauging distance and depth in platformers.


Screenshot from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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