Super Mario Hanafuda Cards Are Now Available At Nintendo NY



As many of you may already know, long before Nintendo became the video game company we love today, they started out as makers of a playing card game called “Hanafuda” back in 1889.


Since the company’s shift into video gaming, Nintendo occasionally brought back the traditional Hanafuda cards for commemorative purposes and they now feature many beloved Super Mario Bros. characters. However, due to the limited availability of the Mario-themed Hanafuda cards, they’ve become a bit of a rare commodity.


Back when the now-defunct members rewards system Club Nintendo was in full swing, they actually had special Hanafuda cards available as one of its top rewards. Since then, it’s actually been tough for fans to get their hands on a set, but according to a recent tweet from the company, they’ll be available at the Nintendo NY shop for $19.99 plus tax.







The Hanafuda cards available at Nintendo NY don’t seem to be from the same print as the Club Nintendo rewards version, but they’re newer and feature more colorful designs. In any case, if you happen to be in Rockefeller Center area, be sure to swing by the store to pick up a pack, as they often come and go.


You can learn more about Hanafuda here.

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