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Super Mario Maker 2 Japanese Ad Shows Off Cat Bowser And More


super mario maker 2 1

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Wall ads for Super Mario Maker 2 have begun to go up in Japan, and Twitter user @nira3333 recently took several photos of the ad, which shows off several new elements to the creative level maker.


Here are their pictures with a closer look at some in-game screenshots:

super mario maker 2 2

super mario maker 2 3

super mario maker 2 4


Some of the new things added include the ability for Lava Bubbles to ride Clown Cars, another look at the ability to add rising and falling water in regular ground stages, as well as a Banzai Bill in Super Mario World artstyle.


super mario maker 2 5

super mario maker 2 6

super mario maker 2 7

In the new ‘3D World’ gameplay style, we can see the addition of Cat Bowser, likely created from adding a Super Bell item to Bowser. In the Super Mario Bros. 3 screenshot, new claw items that can hold onto other objects have been added. Finally, the third screenshot shows off more of the game’s updated UI.


Super Mario Maker 2 unleashes on the Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2019.

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