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Super Mario Maker 2 Zelda Update Comes with Master Sword Power-Up and More on December 5


Super Mario Maker 2’s Version 2.0 update arrives with new Zelda features and more on December 5. Check out what’s new in a trailer from Nintendo.

The main attraction of Super Mario Maker 2‘s update is the new Zelda content including a Master Sword power-up that makes Mario transform into Link. He comes with new moves with the ability to use his sword, shield, bombs, and arrows.

Next new features from the free update include additional enemies Spike and Pokey. New items with Frozen Coin, P Block, and Dash Block.

Lastly, a the update adds a new mode called Ninji Speedrun. This mode features new courses created by Nintendo. You compete against rivals and their “Ninji Ghosts” from around the world.

Super Mario Maker 2 is available for the Nintendo Switch. Check our previous report to catch up on an earlier update.

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