Super Mario Maker Levels Really Get Musical

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 Last month, we looked at one of the first Super Mario Maker music levels. A user named Kocobé had hidden Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” in a level called “All the costumes unlocked.” It was the first of many song-based levels in the game, and more people have used the note blocks and level editor to make their own tunes within the game. The following are five that have appeared since the September 11th launch.

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This is the “Concerto for Mario and Orchestra” by Cutza, featuring the song “Sabre Dance.” It’s level ID is 6D9B-0000-002F-9F8B.



Like Kirby? Superfan has made “Save Point (Kirby Super Star) for you. It’s ID is C54E-0000-0033-ABF0.



“Song: Gusty Garden Galaxy” by Kawaii P brings a little Super Mario Galaxy into Super Mario Maker. It’s ID is 4770-0000-002F-BF49.



Frybread has created “MusicTetrisCDoNothingButGo>Pipes”, which features an iconic Tetris song. You can find it at C113-0000-002F-3F1B. Unfortunately, this one is a little difficult to beat, due to the side-scrolling nature and skull platform ahead of one pipe.




Put on your Captain Falcon costume for this one. “Mute City” by Broken is ready to make you feel nostalgic at level ID 9F0A-0000-0031-1350.


These are only the start of Mario’s musical adventures in Super Mario Maker, which is immediately available for the Nintendo Wii U.

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