Super Nintendo World Scheduled to Open in Spring 2021

Super Nintendo World set to open in Spring 2021

Universal Studios Japan announced that the first Super Nintendo World section, which will open within the theme park, will open in Spring 2021. Additionally, a ‘Mario Cafe & Store’ will open later this month in the Hollywood Area of the park. [Thanks, PRTimes.]

Super Nintendo World Japan

The Mario Cafe & Store is a 2-in-1 restaurant and merch shop that will open on October 16, 2020.

Super Nintendo World Japan

Here you’ll see designs based on Mario and Luigi’s hats as well as their corresponding colors of red and green. It will have everything from cute food items to collector’s goods. The moment you step foot into the shop, you’ll be greeted by exclamation mark blocks, green pipes, and colorful tables with designs based on the iconic mushrooms from Mario.

Check out some of the food items below:

Mario Cafe & Store food

The two on the left are the “Pancake Sandwiches” that are based on Mario & Luigi’s hats. Drinks come with Mario and Luigi’s mustaches attached to the straws. On the right is the Super Mushroom drink bottle.

Mario Cafe & Store merch

As far as merch goes, you’ll find Mario & Luigi hats, Princess Peach crowns, and more. Additionally, the store will have original goods unique to the Universal Studios Japan store.

Universal Studios Japan originally planned to open the Super Nintendo World section in Summer 2020. However, the park announced its delay due to the pandemic back in June.

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