The tide of news on Super Pokémon Rumble keeps flowing in. Today, we have details on some of the features present in the game. For starters, the story mode has you collecting wind-up Pokémon toys as you progress through it. Toys are collected by defeating various Pokémon. You’ll see your Mii operating them in the game.


Story mode also lets you collect P-coins when you defeat Pokémon. These can be spent on items. At the end of a stage, you’ll face off against a huge boss. Story mode can be played either solo or in local multiplayer mode with a friend.


With regard to communication features, StreetPass battles are supported, too. If you encounter another player that owns the game while your 3DSes are in sleep mode, you’ll exchange Miis and data. Later, they’ll challenge you to a battle within the game as a giant boss.


Super Pokémon Rumble is a follow-up to Pokémon Rumble on WiiWare, so the Battle Royale mode from that game returns in this one as well. Battle Royale is sort of like an endurance mode. It pits you against multiple waves of a large number of Pokémon, and you have to survive until the end.


The most interesting new addition is Charge Battle mode, which is more like war than battle. In Charge Battles, you control an entire army of Pokémon, and take on an large opposing force.


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