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Super Robot Wars And G Generation Producers Discuss Possibilities Of A Crossover


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The latest issue of Famitsu has an interview with Super Robot Wars series producer Takanobu Terada, SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays chief director Yoshiki Miyagi, and Bandai Namco’s Shouhei Mogami and Kensuke Tsukanaka, where they talked about how each series has its similarities and differences, whether there might be a chance of a crossover, and more. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]


Here are the highlights:

  • Takanobu Terada, Super Robot Wars series producer: “It was a great decision to limit weapons to four only in the early G Gen games. We had it tough with Super Robot Wars, so even now I wish we’d done it back then.” (laughs)


  • Terada: “By my rules, the latest Gundam series have to have joined G Generation before I’ll add them to Super Robot Wars. I believe that new Gundam series should be prioritized there first.”


  • Terada: “The big difference between Super Robot Wars and G Generation is that we use sprites, while G Generation uses 3D models. Both types can create great animations, but it’s a matter of whether you need to mass-produce them.”


  • “Regarding the sheer amount of units, I’d say G Generation has it tougher.”


  • Yoshiki Miyagi, G Generation Cross Rays chief director: “The big difference between the two series is between whether your units fight as a group or not.”


  • Terada: “I have thought about making a Super Robot Wars game with only Gundam series, but if we add in the Development System, then it’d just be G Generation. (laughs)”


  • Kensuke Tsukanaka, Bandai Namco producer: “On the other hand, it would be hard to set up a Development System for Super Robots.


  • Terada: “There may be some people who would want to cross Mazinger and Gundam to make ‘Mazingundam’. But if you’re going to cross the two series, there’s no point unless you take it that far.”


  • Shouhei Mogami, Super Robot Wars producer: “If we were to do that, we’d probably be told to increase the amount of units from each series. Although we’ve heard from people that they want G Generation original units to join the Super Robot Wars series.”


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  • Terada: “We’ll be working hard towards the Super Robot Wars series’ 30th anniversary in 2021.”


  • Mogami: “Around the time of Super Robot Wars T’s release, Super Robot Wars V and X were decided for the Switch, as there were many requests, and the platform is attractive to put the series on. Additionally, it was also because those two games did well overseas.”


  • Mogami: “Console SRW games take 1-2 years to develop no matter what.”


  • Miyagi: “When developing the PlayStation version of G Generation, we thought about making the game an action game, but because of memory issues, we went with battle animations after referencing the Super Robot Wars series.”


SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Cross Rays releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Japan on November 28, 2019. Super Robot Wars T is available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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