Takanobu Terada Left Bandai Namco

Super Robot Wars Series Producer Takanobu Terada Has Left Bandai Namco

Takanobu Terada, the series producer for Super Robot Wars, has left Bandai Namco Entertainment. Terada announced his resignation via the Super Robot Wars live stream held on December 10, 2021. Though he has left the company, Terada will continue to work on Super Robot Wars 30 as a freelance supervisor. [Thanks, 4Gamer]

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During the stream, Takanobu Terada revealed that he actually left Bandai Namco Entertainment back in August 2021. He also clarifies that his resignation does not mean he will no longer be part of the Super Robot Wars series. Rather, he will continue to work as a series supervisor in a freelance capacity.

Specifically, Terada states that his work will focus on the “internal” parts of future titles such as graphics and scenario writing. Furthermore, this will also apply to any future Super Robot Wars OG series games. The former series producer has since opened up a new Twitter account dedicated to his personal work, unrelated to the Super Robot Wars series.

You can check out the official resignation announcement in the live stream video below (starts at the 42:00 mark).


Terada initially joined Bandai subsidiary Banpresto and helped develop various games in the Super Robot Wars series. A year after joining the company, he produced the 2nd Super Robot Wars G remake for the Game Boy in 1995. Banpresto’s game development division later merged with Bandai subsidiary BEC to form B.B. Studio, and Terada became studio head in 2011. Terada stepped down from the position in 2015, however, in order to focus on game development.

Super Robot Wars 30 is immediately available in Europe and North America on PC via Steam. The game is also available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan and Asia. If you’re interested in reading more, you can check out our playtest of the game.

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