Super Robot Wars V PC Release Will Be Region Locked In Japan And Asia



While the PC release of Super Robot Wars V via Steam will have English language support for the Japan and Asia versions, we learned from the launch of its Steam page that it’ll also be locked to those regions.


Similar to other Japan and Asia PC releases via Steam, you can only access the page from those regions or through other measures like a VPN or proxy.


The newly launched Steam page has the following info:


Early Purchase Bonuses

  1. Present Scenario: Special Starter Pack
  2. Lovely Present V
  3. Get Special Battle Original Mecha, “Grungust” and “Huckebein” in early-game
  4. Present Scenario: V Crystal
  5. Present Scenario: Wonderful Present V

※Special Power Parts “V Crystal” and “Voyage Amulet” will be available in the early stage of the game and become usable as the game progresses.
※Early Purchase Bonuses listed above only available for purchases before 30 October 2019.
※”Grungust,” “Huckebein,” and other Power Parts are available in the early stage of the game and become usable as the game progresses. Redeem the bonus before the start of chapter 2 and acquire funds, EXP, kill counts, and TacP during the Special Scenario for “Grungust” and “Huckebein.”


About This Game

Giant of steel, a new voyage awaits.
The 25th-anniversary commemorative title, Super Robot Wars V is now on STEAM!
Experience the tales of the steel giants and watch the game unravels the original story from the collaboration of all 26 robot animation series you could ever dream of.
All 20 bonus scenarios from the previous Super Robot Wars V will also be available for STEAM! Let’s play Super Robot Wars V like never before!


Super Robot Wars V is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan and Asia. The game releases for Nintendo Switch and PC in Japan and Asia on October 3, 2019.

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