Super Smartphone Manga English Localization Available via Viz Media

super smartphone

The newest serial manga in Weekly Shonen Jump, Super Smartphone, is available for English readers via Viz Media. Readers will be able to keep up in real-time with Japanese releases. The first chapter is 57 pages long.

Spoiler alert: This article will briefly cover events from Chapter 1 of the Super Smartphone manga.

Super Smartphone follows the story of Kyu “Q” Sagurada, who is in his first year of high school. One day, he finds a toy smartphone in his bag that has the “Googugu” search engine. He realizes that Googugu can search for things like confidential information, like where people dropped money, though it does have its limitations. Kyu then uses Googugu in order to solve a case. As the series goes on, he might find a way to use the device to find his missing little brother Shu, who disappeared years ago.

Hiroki Tomisawa, who worked on Senka no Kanojo is the writer. Kentaro Hidano, from ZIGA, is its artist. It is a thriller. It shares some similarities with Death Note, which was also a Weekly Shonen Jump series involving a genius protagonist who uses an everyday item that is extraordinarily powerful. Both the Death Note and Googugu have limitations on what they can do, so both Light and Kyu need to find ways around them to maximize the object’s capabilities.

Super Smartphone is available in Weekly Shonen Jump and Viz Media and will update on a weekly basis. Other recent manga available through Viz Media include Alice in Borderland and Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible.

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