Super Smash Bros. Crusade Now Has Over 60 Characters, 24 Stages, And An Online Mode



The fan team that’s been developing Super Smash Bros. Crusade for the past six years recently released the 0.9 version of the game (which has taken two years to developer by itself). It has over 60 characters, 24 stages, a training mode, and an online mode, too.


As the new trailer above illustrates, some of the playable characters include Klonoa, Crash Bandicoot, Bowser, and Pac-Man, but there’s also Phoenix Wright, Rayman, Goku, and Mega Man.


As for stages, there are all sorts, including Saffron City from Pokémon, Suzaku Castle from Street Fighter II, and perhaps my favorite is arena on top of the plane from Pilotwings.


The idea behind Super Smash Bros. Crusade has always been to create a memorable Smash Bros. game that combines the best bits from all of the official Smash Bros. titles from over the years.


As it’s nearing the big 1.0 version now, that original vision is really starting to become a reality. The latest version of Super Smash Bros. Crusade can be downloaded on Game Jolt. You can find mirrors here.

Chris Priestman