To conclude the Nintendo Direct presentation for Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, we got a peek at two new characters, both Pokémon, in Charizard and Greninja, who’ll both be playable characters.



Previously, Charizard was one of the three Pokémon available to the Pokémon Trainer character. This time Charizard, one of the all-time favorite Pokémon, will be returning as his own character.


Greninja looks like he’ll have a bunch of speedy moves, which is pretty suitable for the Pokémon known for his speed and grace of a ninja.


As we all know, fire-type are weak against water, but with differences aside in Super Smash Bros., it’ll be interesting to see how Greninja, the final form of Froakie, one of the starters from Pokémon X and Y, will fare against the fire-breathing dragon.

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