Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Latest Datamine May Hint At Next DLC Characters

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate dataminers have dug up some new bits of info showing what appears to be character code names for upcoming DLC fighters in “Jack,” “Brave,” and “Packu.” [Thanks, @jam1garner via Resetera.]



Below are the parameters showing possible code names for upcoming fighters:

  • fighter_kind_jack
  • fighter_kind_brave
  • fighter_kind_packu


The code name “Packu” is likely for the Japanese name of Piranha Plant, “Pakkun Flower.” As for “Jack” it sounds like it could be referring to Joker linked with Atlus mascot Jack Frost. Lastly, “Brave” could be related to the hero of Dragon Quest, often referred to as the Hero or 勇者 (Yuusha), but if you shorten it to a single kanji it becomes 勇 meaning “Brave.”


We also got information on the run speed of the three DLC characters. With Sonic having the highest run speed of 3.85 at the top and Incineroar at the bottom with 1.18, you can check how they compare:

  • Piranha Plant – 1.72
  • Joker – 2.21
  • Brave – 1.74


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for the Nintendo Switch. The game’s next Spirit event starts today and it focuses on NES stars.

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