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Super Smash Bros. Wii U And 3DS Will Have Different Stages



    Super Smash Bros. will come out for Nintendo 3DS this summer and is slated for release this winter on Wii U. The roster in both games will be the same, but the stages will differ depending on the system. Here’s a list of stages confirmed for each system as during Nintendo Direct.


    Nintendo 3DS Stages

    Reset Bomb Forest (Kid Icarus)

    3D Land (Mario)

    Spirit Train (Zelda)

    Gerudo Valley (Zelda)

    Arena Ferox (Fire Emblem)

    Tortimer Island (Animal Crossing)

    Living Room (Nintendogs)

    Prism Tower (Pokemon)

    Rainbow Road (Mario)

    Find Mii (Streetpass Quest)

    Balloon Fight (Balloon Fight)

    Jungle Japes (Donkey Kong)


    Wii U

    Mario Galaxy (Mario)

    Pyroshpere (Metroid)

    Town and City (Animal Crossing)

    Boxing Ring (Punchout)

    PilotWings (Pilot Wings)

    Skyloft (Zelda)

    Windy Hilly (Sonic)

    Garden of Hope (Pikmin)

    Wii Fit Studio (Wii Fit)

    Palutena’s Temple (Kid Icarus)

    Halberd (Kirby)


    Stages common to both platforms will have different layouts. The 3DS stages will have two songs per stage while the Wii U version will have a treasure trove of songs to select from similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


    The Super Smash Bros. fighters will run at 60 frames per second on Nintendo 3DS, but some assist trophies will run at 30 frames per second.


    Wii U and 3DS will have elements that link the two systems together which will be revealed at a later date.

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