Super Stone Legacy Mixes Hack n’ Slash With Bullet Hell

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Choose from fighters, mages, and clerics to bash enemy skulls as you weave between thrown axes, swords, and fireballs in Super Stone Legacy, a mash-up of hack n’ slash action and bullet hell mayhem.




Procedurally-generated levels await players of Super Stone Legacy, giving them stages filled with hordes of enemies all firing deadly shots at them. To fight back, players will be able to switch between six different classes on the fly, using the abilities of archers, clerics, duelists, knights, fighters, and wizards. Each offers special skills and attacks, so players will be constantly changing to meet the needs of the fight.


Players won’t have to face down these monsters, or the game’s fifteen bosses, alone, as they can bring a friend or two through the game’s online multiplayer. They will also level up as they play, growing stronger as they face more dangerous foes.




Super Stone Legacy is set to release in January 2017.

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