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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Has Custom Matchmaking


Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition has a nice range of multiplayer options, both offline and online, which Capcom elaborated on this week, via the game’s official website. Offline multiplayer comes with an interesting spectator mode, titled “Channel Live.”


Since gathering around a portable system — especially one like the 3DS where the image distorts if you aren’t looking at it head on in 3D mode — isn’t the best way to view a match, Capcom added a spectator mode that lets you view the battles of players around you on your own 3DS. Channel Live lets up to six different people watch the same battle simultaneously.


Meanwhile, online mode comes with its own options that you would likely want to make use of. While there’s no voice chat in the lobby before a match begins, you’ll be able to display preset messages for your opponent to see. More importantly, online mode lets you customize what kind of players you want to fight against.


If you just want to get into a fight quickly, there’s a Quick Match option that lets you search for an opponent with no special conditions whatsoever. However, if you want to battle against players of your own skill level, you’ll be able to customize the matchmaking options to search for those specific players. Additionally, you can also set the number of rounds and the duration of each round.

Ishaan Sahdev
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