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Surgeon Simulator 2 Preorders Are Live on the Epic Games Store

Surgeon Simulator was one of the first of its kind, a “simulator” game that was more of a big gag than more genuine games with similar titles. We’ve seen several more of this kind of thing since then, such as Job Simulator or Goat Simulator. During all the last week’s Not E3 events, Surgeon Simulator 2 was briefly showcased. Publisher-slash-developer Bossa Studios revealed the game will launch in August 2020, and noted on Twitter that Surgeon Simulator 2 preorders are now live on the Epic Games Store.

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While the original Surgeon Simulator started as a 48 hour jam game, this sequel is definitely a follow-up to a surprise hit. This time, it seems to have a huge emphasis on ridiculous co-op shenanigans, supporting up to four players with a lot more chaos happening outside of the operating room. The Epic Games Store listing has two different editions available, the standard and deluxe editions.

The Surgeon Simulator 2 preorders both come with extras. The $24.99 standard editions comes with closed beta access, along with a Mad Scientist cosmetic DLC that’s usable for all characters. The $39.99 deluxe edition comes with the closed beta access as well, a season pass, Superhero cosmetic set, and more unannounced extras.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is currently aiming for an August 2020 release for the PC.

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