Survival Horror Game Kriophobia Attempts To Emulate Classic Resident Evil


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Kriophobia is an upcoming, point-and-click survival horror game that has fixed camera angles and an art style that evokes graphic novels coming to PC and mobile.


It follows a woman who finds herself amid a disaster at an arctic facility that sees her other team members injured, or worse, killed. Little else is known about the plot although it seems you’ll be trying to fix machinery to find a way to escape.


Fira Games says that it has taken from the design of classic survival horror games including Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark, hence the fixed camera angles.


While it does have a comic-book art style, Fira Games says that its focus is to create a terrifying atmosphere. The screenshots show that underground the game uses heavy shading and claustrophobic camera angles to do this.


Apparently, both Microsoft and Sony have expressed an interest in Kirophobia, so you never know, it could also come to consoles at some point. Check out its website for more screenshots and updates as they come.

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