Survive Behind Enemy Lines However You Can In Unaided: 1939



British spy Vita Banks has infiltrated Nazi Germany the year before the war, but now finds herself cut off from her agency. She still has her mission, though, and so players will join her in weakening the Nazis and stopping the war before it can start in top-down stealth/action game Unaided: 1939.




Players can choose how to tackle each mission, whether through stealth or brute force. Sneaky players can carefully avoid patrols and dispatch guards from behind, but their every movement makes sounds that can be detected by guards moving nearby. They’ll have to take care, but these sounds can also be used to draw curious guards from their positions.



For a more aggressive play style, players can tackle the game’s many guards head-on using period-appropriate weaponry and items. Shooting guards may seem to be a good use of their weapons, but vehicles can also be made to explode with a few shots, creating useful strategic opportunities to weaponize the environment.




Unaided: 1939 is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight, but makes no mention of a set release date.

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