Survive The Harsh Plasticine World Of Disdoored With Farming And Warfare


Surviving in the claymation world of Disdoored requires a number of skills, with players learning to the land and raise livestock as well as how to best mow down dangerous wildlife with firearms and overcome a series of strange, interdimensional doors.


Doors have been appearing around the realm, spouting monsters out onto the gooey terrain. The only thing that can stop their constant appearances is a special carnivorous plant named Lily, but it needs some things to grow into the proper superweapon it is going to be. As such, players will need to work on their farming skills to get what they need to help the plant flourish, as well as their battle skills to deal with the creatures that pop out of the doors in the meantime.

Players will work to farm some procedurally generated worlds, finding seeds and taking care to make them grow into crops. They’ll also be able to capture wildlife wandering the lands, bringing them back to the farm to use for food, resources, or defending the farm against invasion. This same wildlife can be cross-bred to create whole new creatures, allowing players to tinker with the animals that wander the farm.


Players will need to prepare for war in Disdoored as well. Using melee or ranged weapons, players can fight off attacks on their farms, or also go on campaigns into some of the door dimensions to fight against the beasts within and collect valuables. Luckily, players can get online help for these sections, being able to gather up to four players together to tackle the danger together.

Disdoored is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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