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Sweet Madame is Still the Most Produced Genshin Impact Food

Sweet Madame is Still Most Produced Genshin Impact Food

HoYoVerse released a new Teyvat Times for Genshin Impact. Each one of these newsletters goes over players’ recent actions and activities. For example, they can talk about new update stats or what folks did during events. In Vol. 5 of Genshin Impact Teyvat Times, it confirmed Sweet Madame is still the most produced food, even with Matsutake Meat Rolls’ popularity increasing.

The new data came up in a section discussing food folks made. It noted that the most popular dish in Genshin Impact is still the Sweet Madame. However, following the introduction of Sumeru, HoYoVerse noted a 12.43% increase in people cooking Matsutake Meat Rolls. It suggested this could be tied to more people getting Raw Meat from wildlife while exploring Sumeru. However, while those other two dishes are still popular, the new Pita Pocket was cited as the most popular new recipe from the Sumeru region. (Collei gives it to the Traveler as part of an Archon Quest.)

Sweet Madame is a kind of Genshin Impact food that’s been around since the game launched and is one of the recipes you know right away. To make it, someone needs two pieces of fowl and two sweet flowers. It is a recovery dish that restores 1,200 HP and 22% of max HP when you use it. The Matsutake Meat Rolls is another recovery dish with the same effect, though it requires two Matsutake mushrooms and two pieces of raw meat.

In addition to the update on food popularity, Teyvat Times Vol. 5 broke down the Mini Seelie popularity from the Lost Riches event. 37.34% of participants chose a Mini Seelie: Moss, which was the new color for the accessory. Second most popular was the Viola variant, at 22.17%. 16.05% of people chose the Rose color, while 14.4% picked the Curcuma variant. The last popular was Dayflower at 9.7%.

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices.

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