Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Immortalizes the NerveGear

sword art online 10th anniversary blu-ray header

Sword Art Online focuses on the stories of people who dive into life-threatening virtual worlds, at first by force, and then by choice. The new Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Blu-Ray box highlights a key tool from the very first death game Kirito and his pals endured: The NerveGear. The VR helmet that trapped the participants in Sword Art Online is emblazoned on the cover of the box, which contains the first two seasons of the anime. Only 10,000 copies of this box will be available. Aside from the Blu-Ray discs and CDs, the box will come with a 500-page storyboard book and a 112-page 10th Anniversary art book. It will cost 65,870 JPY, or $462.10.

Information on the contents of the Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Blu-Ray box first came out in late May 2022. It will contain 20 discs, with twelve of them containing the first two seasons, as well as the movie. It will also come with the Sword Art Offline shorts, and bonuses include audio commentaries. Discs 13 to 20 contain the soundtracks for the show and Ordinal Scale. In total, it will contain 223 pieces and songs.

As well, depending on which retailer where you pre-order from, you can get a different bonus. The bonuses (with pictures), as well as where you have to order them from, are:

The Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Blu-Ray box is available for pre-order in Japan, and will come out on October 31, 2022. No overseas release plans have been detailed as of yet.

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