Sword Art Online Anomaly Quest Reservations Open

sword art online anomaly quest

Reservations opened up for Sword Art Online Anomaly Quest. In order to make your reservation, you need a TTM ID, which is an account with The Tokyo Matrix. Tickets will cost around 2000-2450 JPY (around $15.20 to $18.60). But if you go between April 14 and May 31, 2023, you can get a discounted price of 1500-1750 JPY ($11.40 to $13.30). [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

This attraction will be a real-life one that takes place within Kabukicho Tower. You can form parties of two to three people, and use various RPG-like skills in your quest. Skills include Fight, Throw, and Search. The story of Anomaly Quest will focus on the player being an ALfheim Online player, who’s trying to defeat Kirito and Asuna. This is because the game itself has made defeating them a quest, and the player who accomplishes this feat will get a grand prize.

This is not the only upcoming attraction at Kabukicho Tower. There will be an escape room-like event featuring Neon Genesis Evangelion. This event will start up from April 28, 2023. While Sword Art Online Anomaly Quest is limited to within Kabukicho Tower though, you will be able to go out into Shinjuku to complete “The Mysterious Spy and Legendary Host.”

Sword Art Online Anomaly Quest will be available from April 14, 2023 in The Tokyo Matrix in Japan.

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