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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Shows More Features And Pillow-Talk


    Dating will be one of the pastimes you’ll have access to in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, and the ultimate goal is to have some pillow-talk with your sweetheart, followed by a special CG event. Dengeki gives us a new look at that feature and more.


    Before getting to the pillow-talk, let’s first take a look at the different types of areas you’ll be exploring in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment.


    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will feature six main areas including the hub where you’ll be starting your journey and gearing up for the next dungeon. Each one will have a different terrain and atmosphere.


    Here’s a look at the different places:


    The main hub is kind of like a command center, but there seem to be plenty of mysteries behind the area. Next to that is the Sea of Trees, one of the unexplored areas of the new Aincrad.


    Similar to the Sea of Trees area, not much is known about the Netherworld area, since it hasn’t been explored much either. The Giant Hole area is said to have a huge dungeon somewhere below.


    The Bay area is an exotic place, where you’ll find hidden caves and other sea creatures. Finally, the Floating Rocks area appears to be home to a giant tower, where one might find a bunch of flying monsters.



    Players will be taking on the “Hollow Missions” that will span across all six Hollow Areas. You can acquire special skills, weapons and more by completing these missions that will have you take on tasks such as “defeat this monster”.


    Those of you who’ve kept up with our past Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment posts may have seen plenty of CG events that show how you’ll get to spend some pillow-talk time with the heroine characters after dates. This time, we get a look at Strea and Sinon.



    Additionally, here’s a look at the two in their wedding dress outfits:


    saot15_11_cs1w1_365x640 saot15_10_cs1w1_365x640


    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released on April 24, 2014 in Japan. Meanwhile, the Asia version with Japanese voiceovers and English or traditional Chinese subtitles will be released on May 29 for PlayStation Vita.

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