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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Devs Talk Considerations For Upcoming Expansion



Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is getting a major content expansion in “Shrine Maiden of Abyss,” including infinite dungeons, graphics gear, and more. Here’s more that the devs are currently considering for it. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Things that are currently under consideration for Shrine Maiden of Abyss

The list of things that are currently being considered for Shrine Maiden of Abyss can be seen below. However, keep in mind that we’re currently at the “under considerations” stage, so we can’t promise on delivering everything. That said, we’re still going to do what we can to implement everything. As far as the release date goes, you can expect it to be available shortly after “The 3rd Sacraments” update around February.


Field Content

  • Enigma Order: You’ll find “Parts” scattered around the world at a given time. You can complete equipment by collecting them.


  • Mimic Hunting: By acquiring “Maps” that shoot a beam of light, you can find Mimics that are buried in the ground.


  • Invisibility Product: Shoot a ranged sonar after learning from a special skill. This takes out invisible enemies that are revealed.


  • Abyss: Explore pitch black dungeons while using lights to navigate around as you make your way to the goal while taking out enemies.


Additional EX Sword Skills

  • By taking on trials, you can learn new moves to evolve your Sword Skills.


New Function To Assign Roles

  • Growing together with heroines in trials: Additional abilities that allow tanks to guard the entire party, for healers to provide support by choosing a target to provide additional resistance power and healing support, and for buffers to be able to perform a special lock on enemies.


New High-Difficulty Content

  • Dynast Class: Preparing enemies that are extremely difficult to beat.


  • Myth Grade Class: Enemies that are practically impossible to defeat. You might be able to defeat them after getting used to a new element.


  • Infinity Dungeon Added


Addition Of Special Powerful Equipment

  • Exclusive Legendary Weapons with unique graphics: Exclusive graphics. Replica weapons that have just its looks will also be prepared.


  • Addition of Legendary Armor: Armor that will continue to evolve are being prepared.


  • Additional Aura Weapons: Wicked evolution routes are being prepared. These come with an aura.


  • Addition of Armor with Special Effects: Armor that provide power-ups for certain battle skills.


  • Armor can be fused using Secret Stones.


Communication Elements

  • When a date goes well, you’ll get a buff that lasts a long while.


  • New dating conversations added.


  • New evening conversations added.


  • New characters added for pillow talk events. (Producer Futami says Argo will be included).



  • Each camp of all new areas will have vendors that sell new items. These will also include items that come with effects.


  • Special effects added via blacksmith forging are being prepared.


  • Vendors to sell additional items


Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game’s Season Pass will include the Shrine Maiden of Abyss expansion, but its three episodes will be available for 1,000 yen each of 2,500 yen for all three.

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