Sword Art Online: Lost Song Its Magic Types And How They Can Be Used

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Bandai Namco previously shared details on how to fight in Sword Art Online: Lost Song. The latest update from the official website has more on the game’s magic, and how it can be used in different situations.



In Sword Art Online: Lost Song, magic is split into different attribute varieties of fire, water, ice, earth, wind, light, and dark. Magic is used most effectively by knowing enemy weakness and using it against them. There are also heal and buff magic as well.


Each time you use magic, it will slowly get stronger as part of a leveling system for it. Again, there are magic ranks, and you’ll need to meet certain conditions to be able to use the stronger magic. Some magic may be weak at first, but they can also end up becoming much more powerful as they become stronger.


Here are some descriptions on the different magic attributes and their characteristics:



Fire magic is powerful, and can burn down enemies. They’re a little slower when it comes to casting speed, but they’ll have plenty of damage to dish out.



Ice magic isn’t that powerful, but they hit multiple times, and they’re easy for hitting enemies. The attack speed is pretty high, and also easy to control.



Earth magic is powerful, and can be used to crush enemies; however, its speed is slow, and it can be difficult to control.



Wind magic is similar to ice magic, as it’s not strong but hits multiple times. Wind is best used for crowd-control, as it can easily hit multiple targets at a time. Its attack speed is high and easy to handle.



Light magic is another one that’s on the weaker side, but can hit targets multiple times. It’s easy to hit enemies with, and its speed is the fastest of all magic.



Dark magic has power but there’s often some sort of catch associated with it. The attacks aren’t linear attacks, so they can be a bit tough to aim, and the casting speed is slow.



Water magic is simply healing magic. It focuses mainly on different heals for you and your party.



The buff and debuff-type magic seems to be a category of their own, and they’re used to temporarily increases your party’s parameters or lower the enemy’s. There are many kinds of buff and debuffs, so you’ll get to mix them around to your liking.



Finally, the above image shows that the “Switch” feature will also be in Sword Art Online: Lost Song. This basically switches the enemy’s target with another character, and it can also be used in mid-air.


Sword Art Online: Lost Song flies out in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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