Sword Art Online: Lost Song Shares More Details On Its Three New Characters

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Sword Art Online: Lost Song will have an original story along with its own new character, taking place in the VRMMORPG ALfheim Online after a recent update. Namco recently shared a look at some of the other characters you’ll come across.


After playing around in ALO, Kirito and his friends come across a certain guild called “Shamrock”. The guild leader happens to be a young girl, and she’s also the same genius scientist that has been on the news lately.


She graduated from MIT in America, and has been doing research with a virtual network company. If former development director of SAO, Kayaba Akihiko, was considered the darkness, this young girl is considered the light of virtual reality gaming.


The story of Sword Art Online: Lost Song starts out when Kirito and friends meet the young girl.



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Seven is an original character for Lost Song, and plays as a Pooka race character. She’s a genius scientist from Russia in real life, and is metaphorically considered the light of virtual reality research. She’s the guild leader of Shamrock, and looks almost the same in-game and in real life.



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Rain plays as a Leprechaun race in ALO, and she might look like a pretty girl, but she’s actually highly skilled, especially in her Hiding abilities. She’s also a dual-wielder. Rain follows around Kirito and the others for some reason, and not much else is known about her.




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Sumeragi’s ALO avatar is one from the Undine race. He’s one of the leaders of the Shamrock guild, and can usually be seen around Seven to protect her. If you’re wondering how talented he is, he has defeated the Demonic Sword Gram wielder, General Eugene.


Sword Art Online: Lost Song is slated for release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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