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Sword Art Online x Puzzle & Dragons Collab Returns With More Content

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Running through April 19, 2020, the world of anime hit Sword Art Online will once again collide with that of Puzzle & Dragons. This is a returning event, but with even more stuff available to unlock than the last time. In addition to the characters players could get from the first collaboration, more new characters have joined the pool. The event also includes a new dungeon with an exclusive boss fight, new evolutions, and some content bundles available through monetary transactions.

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The new characters debuting in this event are Alice Synthesis Thirty, Elite Disciple, Eugo, and Cardinal. Also included are two new Assist Evolution Monsters, which are Osmanthus Blade and Blue Rose Sword. Limited-time content additionally includes a MP Shop Exclusive, Song Princess Yuna, and Monster Exchange exclusive Swordsman-in-Training variants for Eugeo and Kirito.

The new Sword Art Online dungeon will be a seven-floor challenge that’ll test a player’s power, but give rewards in exchange. There’ll also be a single-floor multiplayer dungeon that will see players face off against new boss An Incarnation of the Radius.

Anyone who logs into Puzzle & Dragons during this event will receive a free pull from the Sword Art Online Egg Machine. Paying players will also be able to pick up various bundles ranging from $0.99 to 19.99. These bundles entitle customers to Egg Machine pulls, Magic Stones, and exclusive skins or guaranteed characters.

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