Sword Art Online’s New Mobile Game Features Three VMMORPG Worlds



While PlayStation Vita owners in Japan are currently playing Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, mobile gamers can look forward to the upcoming smartphone game that features quite the number of characters from the anime and light novel series.



Sword Art Online: Code Register is an RPG title with a simple tap-and-play battle system, where you put together a crew of characters with different skills and actions to take on opponents.


The game features the worlds and characters from various VRMMOs like Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, and Gun Gale Online, and you can set up parties to your liking and explore the different worlds.


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The game’s “Duel Order System” is where you tap characters to make them perform actions against enemies. You can also pull off combos that vary according to character types, or take advantage of the “Switch” system to change the order for better strategies and combos.


Similar to the light novel and anime, there are all kinds of Sword Skills and Unit Skills that you can use to deal massive damage to enemies, or recover health. Using all kinds of different skills and combos is the key to winning fights in the game.



Additionally, those who register early can score Kirito’s SAO avatar that he went with before things got pretty crazy.


Sword Art Online: Code Register will launch sometime this year for iOS and Android.

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