Sword Legacy: Omen Trailer Introduces The Tactical World Of Britannia


A new trailer for Sword Legacy: Omen shows some of the locations players will be journeying to across Britannia as they hunt down the legendary Excalibur, from bleak castles to snow-swept cities, as well as the people they’ll be talking to or fighting in tactical combat.


Sword Legacy: Omen will have players controlling Uther and a band of misfit warriors as they look for the legendary sword. These mages, barbarians, archers, and thieves will all have various abilities that will give them different battle styles in the game’s grid-based combat, giving them an edge based on positioning and opponent types. It will be up to the player to know which characters to use to defeat their cunning opponents, deal with the enemy’s superior numbers, or make use of tight corners or varied heights on the battlegrounds.

The new trailer showed some of the various gloomy locations, taking players to the bloodstained halls of Mercia, the icy corridors of Northumbria, the swamps of Anglia, and more. Each of these locales will have unique friends and foes to meet, as well as many complex fights for players to work through.


Sword Legacy: Omen wants players to choose their movements carefully as they play, as not only can they knock enemies off heights or use environmental hazards against enemies, but they are also prey to stress and panic. The player’s characters all have their own willpower meter as well, and despite all of the careful planning that went into a character’s build, they will still become very hard to control once that meter is empty and the character panics.

Sword Legacy: Omen is set to release sometime in 2018.

Alistair Wong
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