Sword of Asumi Could Get A Sequel If Sales Target Is Reached By End Of March


AJ Tilley has announced that bishoujo visual novel Sword of Asumi could get a sequel if 5,000 copies are sold by the end of March. The sequel would follow Asumi’s exploits after the end of the graphic novel (which you can buy as DLC).

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To promote the sales target, Sword of Asumi is on sale until March 22nd on Steam. The sale also marks the game’s final update, which polishes gameplay, fixes the last bugs, and ensures the soundtrack DLC displays correctly in team Player. There were also 22 achievements added to the game.

AJ Tilley also released a Deluxe Edition of Sword of Asumi on Steam today. It contains the main game and all the DLC packs. More details of all these updates are available here.

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