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Symmetra Rework Live On Overwatch’s PTR


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Blizzard has announced major changes for Symmetra, one of Overwatch’s support heroes. She has been almost completely reworked. As a result, she has entered a new testing phase. People with the PC version can head to the Public Test Region to check her out and offer feedback.


Pretty much everything has changed. The primary fire Photon Projector does not lock onto enemies, being able to deal more damage when ramped up, has a 10 meter range and generates ammo when it hits barriers. Photon Projector’s alternate fire does not pierce targets anymore, instead exploding on contact, charging up faster, and moving faster after being shot. Her Sentry Turrets are placed like projectiles now, do more damage, are better at slowing enemies and have 30 health, but now she can only hold and deploy three at a time. She has a Teleporter instead of the Photon Barrier, and it has new rules. You first place the exit up to 25 meters away, like a projectile, and an entrance is generated in front of Symmetra. It has 300 health, lasts 10 seconds, lets you choose to use it with the interact button and can teleport items like D.Va’s exploding mech or Junkrat’s tire. Finally, her ultimate is now Photon Barrier, which makes an energy wall that does not move and can run the length of an entire map. It has 5000 health and Symmetra can change its position briefly after placing by pressing the ultimate button a second time.


A new video on Twitter shows off how Symmetra’s abilities function in the rework.



Overwatch is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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