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Tabe Oja’s First Trailer Shows Off a Hamburger and Yakisoba Duking It Out

Tabe Oja

Bandai Namco released the reveal trailer for Tabe Oja (previously reported as Tabe Ouja), an upcoming Nintendo Switch game where players will cook food using the Joy-Cons and turn them into monsters they can send into battles. We got a better look at not only the monsters themselves, but also how over-the-top the cooking process can be. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Check out the trailer below:

Tabe Oja is a cooking action game where players can enjoy strategic battles. The name Tabe Oja refers to a special type of cook who can create dishes in various styles that are so tasty, they become Tabegami. Using the Tabegami, the Tabe Oja forms teams to fight rival Tabe Ojas in order to determine what “the strongest meal in the world” might be.

Using the Joy-Cons, players will cook using various techniques depending on the style of cuisine, such as frying, adding items, and mixing ingredients. People who keep time with the rhythm and perform the steps correctly will successfully create Tabegami. Tabegami are defined by the dish they are based on and how well you do in the cooking process, which determines their stats and playstyle. There will be 69 Tabegami types at launch, and you can choose what to summon onto the battlefield using a “cooking action.” By fulfilling certain conditions during battles, you’ll be able to use the Tabegami’s finishers. If you destroy the opponent’s kitchen, you’ll win the battle.

Finally, here are some initial screenshots and character designs.

Tabe Oja is in development for Nintendo Switch and is set to release in Winter 2020 in Japan.

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