‘Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball’ Rolls Into The Japanese Trademark Office


super monkey ball bounce

A trademark has appeared for Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball, in what could be the next game in the series. [Thanks, @piercesword on Twitter!]


The series of rolling platformers began on arcades and moved to home consoles with the Nintendo GameCube, but hasn’t seen any new entries since Super Monkey Ball Bounce on iOS and Android in 2014.



To explain what the title means, ‘Tabegoro’ means the time of ripeness, which aptly describes the bananas AiAi and his friends collect on the stages. Of course, there’s a pun here too, as ‘Gorogoro’ is also an onomatopoeia for rolling in Japanese.


Once again, Siliconera would like to remind people to take this trademark with a grain of salt until the game is officially confirmed.


Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball might be in development.

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